Google GlassI received an email from my sister two days ago that said, “You should do this.”

She was referring to entering to be an Explorer for Google Glass, the $1500 pair of glasses that will live stream your life and do a variety of other augmented reality magic.

So I entered.

With only 17 pairs currently available, the chances I will actually get a pair are next to nil. (I mean, Neil Patrick Harris entered…) but I am a sucker for new technology (a weakness strength inherited by my father) and though I would undoubtedly get some strange looks wearing a pair around Las Cruces, New Mexico, it would be well worth it to try them out.

To enter, you have to apply by posting on Twitter or Google+ about using the hashtag, #ifihadglass. Check out Twitter, the responses are pretty amusing.

My application?

#ifihadglass I’d show the beauty of southern New Mexico, the hustle of running a business & the craziness of raising a 2 year old

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