Reinventing oneself is a funny thing. There are so many reasons why reinvention takes place, regardless of whether it is personal or business. Sometimes it is out of necessity – a brand’s sales get stale because the competition is more exciting. Sometimes it is opportunistic, like a move to a new city where you know no one. The need to reinvent can even come out of boredom, like having the same hairdo for 15 years. It is just time for a change. (Yes, I recently cut bangs for the first time since 1998…)

So, when I was redesigning the Sinuate Media website, I decided to play around with some new logo concepts to see if it was time for our logo to push the limits and add some vigor to this reinvigoration. Plus, I’ve been spending a lot of time in Photoshop recently doing logo design for clients and have started to get some ideas going for myself. It is a great feeling when you get the design right and all the pieces come together harmoniously.

Here is what I came up with:

Sinuate Media’s Current Logo – In use since 2008. Designed by a design shop in Pennsylvania. The tagline “Organic Marketing” is too hard to read when 300 pixels wide or smaller, so it is often used without the tagline at all. The font of “Sinuate” was supposed to be organic in nature while “Media” font was supposed to represent our connection to technology.

Concept 1 – A complete departure. Experimenting with a new color scheme. No tagline in this version. I not really a fan of square logos since they tend to fit poorly into web design (though great for social media profiles). I like fonts a lot here and the colorful pinwheel.

Concept 2 – Straight and to the point. The simplest concept. Softer edges, easier to read than our current logo. Font seems Web 2.0-ish.

Concept 3 – Drops “Media”. A bit of a snoozefest.

Concept 4 – Same font as #2. Simple yet incorporating our tagline, a leaf icon, and the green/blue color scheme.

Whether or not any of these concepts will be chosen as the new face of Sinuate Media, it is good to take into account every once in a while how your brand stands up to the changing times. It doesn’t matter if you are your own brand or if you are talking about a brand in the traditional sense.

Change can be difficult and we get complacent with routine. But just because those pair of old, holey sweat pants are comfortable, doesn’t mean the rest of the world wants to see you wearing them to the grocery store. The same goes for outdated logos, websites, business cards, and other branding pieces.

Technology, especially in the web / internet / social media space changes at a rapid pace and it is important to review of your branding (especially digital branding) once a year to see if any updates, upgrades, or other necessary “ups” are needed.