I love traveling by train. It is by far my favorite mode of transportation. So much so that at one point, I was a member of the National Association of Railroad Passengers, or NARP. True story. It was during a time that I was taking Amtrak from NYC to Baltimore pretty frequently. But, that’s not where my love of train travel started, actually. It started when I was studying abroad in Italy during my junior year of college and I traveled by train all throughout Europe. I loved watching the landscape roll by, from mountains to valleys, in and out of cities and they turn into countryside, riding alongside the ocean and crossing the Alps, the Strait of Messina, and the English Channel. I would plug my headphones in from my portable CD player (yes, pre-iPhone/iPod days), and would just sit and watch the the landscape evolve.

I took this photo while traveling again from New York to Maryland, on a recent trip for work. This is my favorite part, where the train travels over Chesapeake water and I never appreciated it more than this trip. Living in the desert, you learn to appreciate water in a way you don’t expect and this view was picture perfect.