Having recently heard that Carnegie Mellon is moving forward with the expansion of their campus – a good move that supports the incredible innovation happening at my alma mater, I noticed that the master plan swallows the apartment I lived in during my senior year and the land is slated to be home to one of these new buildings. It’s ok. It was a terribly crappy building, though there was a neat vintage clothing store downstairs and I was told that Andy Warhol lived there too when he was, briefly, a student at CMU (and that, in itself, was enough reason for me to endure the dire living conditions).

But hearing this news got me thinking about places I’ve called home (something I think about fairly often, actually), and how one day some of those places just won’t exist anymore.

So, in honor of the first of the places I’ve called home to be eliminated from existence, I decided to travel back to each of these places in the fastest, most economically way possible – via Google Maps – and document them for prosperity.

It is unlikely that one day I will be able to bring my children to go see each of the places in person that I’ve lived in during my life, but I can at least show them what they looked like–according to Google Maps, anyway.

Looking at each of these places brings back a lot of memories and stories for each one, so one day, I hope to be able to use this image to share some of those stories with my kids… or anyone who asks!