I love train travel. Oddly, it is almost 2 years to the day that I last posted about this love, when I recounted what is is like taking Amtrak along the East Coast from New York to Baltimore. It is one of the things I think about every time we drive up to Albuquerque or Santa Fe from Las Cruces. So much land, if there was only a train to get us there. Then of course, there is the problem of getting around once you reach your destination, but that’s a Zipcar topic for another day…

So when I see maps like this one posted on Upworthy, I get downright ecstatic.

US Map of Future Rail Travel

Las Cruces to LA by train in under 6 hours? Austin in under 3? I could event take the train all the way to see my grandma in Boca Raton, Florida. My grandma would like that.

While I understand the automotive industry’s role in the history of furthering our nation’s rail system, I find it sad and a disservice to our country to not have a better integrated rail system. Especially with how expensive it is to fly now between the tickets and all the added fees.

But the best part of it all would be able to see the country from out the window as the train speeds by, watching the changing landscape and seeing how it changes from climate to climate, plains to hills to mountains. Through the bayou then forests. Until the ocean comes into sight. No watching for other cars on the road. No traffic. Go ahead and take a bathroom break, we’ll keep moving along.

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