Netflix recently posted season 2 of the AMC series, The Killing. At some point last year, I marked the show 4 out of 5 stars and put it on my “notify” list for when new episodes would be available. Guess what I did this weekend.

After watching several episodes back-to-back, here’s what I learned from The Killing:

Detective Sarah Linden really, really likes bulky, turtleneck sweaters.

The ponytail is the hairstyle of choice for the women of Seattle. Maybe it is because it rains nearly every single day — except when you need to hold important political campaigning events. Then it holds off.

Billy Campbell has perfected pensive stare (and he has great hair — in spite of the rain and getting shot).


Speaking of getting shot, in Seattle, no matter how serious your ailment, whether broken ribs, gunshot wound, or mental breakdown, you can heal and be released from the hospital in less than 4 days. Maybe there is some magical healing quality to all that rain?

In politics, it is possible to quit your job, get a new job the same night cross-county, move cross-country, quit that job, and return to your previous job — all within a week.

Never underestimate the lengths people will go to win political campaigns — or for love.

Habanero jelly goes with eggs. Heat and sweet in one.

Now I’ll have to wait until next year to see what’s next. At least in the meantime if I visit Seattle I know to bring warm sweaters, plenty of hair ties, and stay away from the casinos.

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